What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy Web Hosting is a web hosting company that provides domain name registration services. They also provide email hosting, cloud hosting, SSL certificates, and the other related services. Godaddy was founded in the 1997 and has grown into a global company with over $1.5 billion in annual revenues. The company operates in more than the 40 countries around the world. GoDaddy is arguably the most well-known company that offers domain registration and web hosting services.

GoDaddy Services: A Closer Look

If you’re new to the business and looking at GoDaddy’s suite of services, you’re probably feeling slightly overwhelmed. Many of the terminologies GoDaddy Web Hosting uses can be unfamiliar, even a little confusing. To ensure you are as well-informed as possible, check out the information below. We explain all GoDaddy services in clear and straightforward terms so you know exactly what you need.

The Domain name registration

The domain is what you type into your browser when you want to visit the website, such as “www.example.com.” When you register the domain, you are essentially buying the ability to use it for a certain period. For example, if we want to create the website called “example.com” for my profile. I can buy the domain from GoDaddy for $12 a year. The price may go up to the $18 in the second year. If you purchase the domain name through GoDaddy, the company also offers domain protection against threats. Threats can come from domain hacking, accidental termination, and data exposure. The basic level of protection is free. However, you can upgrade to higher plans that offer more protection. This cost tends to be around $10 and $20.

Website Hosting

Web hosting refers to renting or buying the physical space that your website will live in once you have purchased it. It is usually divided into different sections, such as storage space, databases, application software, etc. All of these components are hosted on the server. Your web hosting plan determines that which parts of the server you will receive. Some plans include everything, while the others may limit you to only one or two options. There are four types of the web hosting: VPS, Shared, Dedicated, and Reseller. Each is different in terms of data center infrastructure, server space, level of website management, and additional resources available.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Offers all Four Types of the Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Many popular web hosting providers offer the WordPress-optimized shared hosting services. This service is the excellent option if you are familiar with managing a WordPress website. WordPress comes with plenty of themes and plugins to choose from, and it comes pre-installed. The GoDaddy WordPress plan is no different from the regular web hosting plan, at least in terms of performance. The WordPress plan aims to make it easier for customers to create and manage a WordPress website. However, WordPress plans are limited to a single install.

E-commerce solutions

GoDaddy offers an excellent e-commerce solution for people who want to start selling products online. Their e-commerce platform has many features, including product management, customer management, and marketing. You can sell the unlimited number of products in one store. You can also use SEO tools, Google listings, product promotion, etc.GoDaddy supports all the popular payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, and Square. It also does not charge transaction fees!

Web Builder

Web Builder allows you to design your website without needing coding knowledge. This tool can easily change the layout or add new pages. The drag-and-drop tool GoDaddy provides makes creating a website straightforward. You can give GoDaddy’s Web Builder a free trial. However, when you are ready to launch your website, you will need to upgrade to maintain the service. In general, the price of the web builder service starts at around $7.


SSL is a digital certificate that guarantees the authenticity of a website. You should always check whether a website is secured or not before entering any personal information. SSL makes sure that the site is safe to use. Websites with an SSL certificate will display a green padlock icon next to them. This means that your data is the encrypted and secure. When purchasing a certificate, choose the appropriate type (standalone vs. wildcard). Also, purchase a certificate from a reliable company such as GoDaddy.

Professional Email

You may have wondered, how do you get a professional email address? Well, one of GoDaddy’s products is to host an email service so that you can have a professional-looking email address. For example, instead of using “@gmail.com,” you can have an email address that looks like “@businessname.com.”

Microsoft 365

In addition to receiving professional email, you can also purchase Microsoft 365 products from GoDaddy. These are great if you are setting up an online business. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and OneDrive are beneficial.