What is a Hostinger Minecraft Server?

Hostinger is a reliable option for web hosting as well as hosting for Minecraft. Moreover, it offers a Virtual Private Minecraft server at an affordable cost. Let’s look at the Minecraft Hostinger server plan and its price.

Pros of Hostinger Minecraft Server

  • Easy Setup: You can easily manage your server with the Multicraft board.
  • Full Root Access: Comes with full root access, allowing you to add or remove mods.
  • DDOS Protection: All plans include advanced automated hardware protection to ensure your server is protected.
  • Backup: All plans come with automatic backup.
  • MySQL Database: With MySQL Database, you can add or remove rows and columns
  • NvMe SSD: This allows you to access the game in a short period. In addition, the recovery process is straightforward.
  • Unlimited Modpack: This is one of the reasons why everyone should switch to a dedicated Minecraft server. It allows you to install mods like Forge, Twitch, Optifine, etc.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – Your website will be much less likely to crash.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons of Hostinger Minecraft Server

Since it comes with several plans, it was easier for the user if he revealed how much the user could play in a particular project. But we can’t consider the downsides because no hosting company has yet revealed the details.

Minecraft Hostinger Server Location

Latency is the key to gaming and any communication device. For this, you need a server located in your area. Hostinger has a Tier 3 data center globally. A level 3 data center is a site with redundant and dual power servers, storage units, network links, and other IT components. Here is Hostinger server location

  • United State
  • United Kingdom
  • Holland
  • Lithuania
  • Singapore

How much RAM is recommended for Minecraft?

It all depends on the use. If you want to add the more players, you need more resources. More resource gives reliability and stability. Let me tell you the essential RAM formulas guide to determine your requirements for your better understanding.

  • 1 GB – Best for a group of friends or family
  • 2 GB – If you plan to add more friends other than your family.
  • 3 GB – The plan is the best for good play. It allows you to install medium-sized mod packages or plugin packages.
  • 4 GB – You can simultaneously seat up to 35 to 40 Mod Packs.
  • 6 GB or more than 6 GB – Recommended for a large community. If you plan to build a large community, then it is the best choice. Also, it allows you to install more than 40 mods and plugins

Also, remember that these requirements may change as more plugins and mods are installed. More plugins consume more memory. Hostinger uses Intel Xeon as its server processor. It is the latest generation of processors commonly used on all servers.

Hosting Management: Is it Easy to Use?

When it comes to ease of use, Hostinger is incredibly easy to manage because it’s designed with beginners in mind. The automatic wizards will take care of 3 settings: Hosting, Domain, and SSL.

Moreover, the dashboard isn’t just a pretty good look – it combines simplicity with great functionality.

Overall, the setup process is straightforward as all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions, fill in a few fields, choose your server location, and you’re all set.


How to configure a Minecraft server with Hostinger

We’ve covered all the points in our Hostinger Minecraft Server review. Setting up a Minecraft server is just one click away if you purchase the plan. Here I will not tell you the step-by-step setup guide. Just click here to set up the configuration.

Is it worth hosting Minecraft with Hostinger?

It seems like an excellent hosting option if you have seen all the features. I even felt the same. Hostinger is the best option with all the features at an affordable price. I will not make any suggestions here; let me let you choose for yourself. At the same time, keep an eye on my score.


Hostinger is a reliable option for Minecraft as well as web hosting. Offers a higher plan at an affordable price. In this article, we have discussed all the essential points that you should look at before hosting your own Minecraft game with Hostinger. Also, we did not make any suggestions for choosing this specific plan. It’s the money you earned. Let’s decide.