Namecheap WordPress? NameCheap How to get free hosting

Here is the list of steps to enable free WordPress hosting:


Get started with WordPress by registering and filling out the simple form detailing the essential details. Next, choose a domain name and free package to get domain mapping, storage space, and other services. After that, you can select other upgrades using premium subscriptions.

Set up your account by confirming the credentials through the email address mentioned on the form. Log in to the cPanel (the Control Panel) of the web host, which helps to manage all the functions and tools of the website.

This dashboard makes it easy for the all users to create a website, add options to set up emails, get technical support, and access and improve all website functionality.

Install WordPress

Fortunately, now you don’t need to know basic coding or programming to create a website. Hosting services like the NameCheap allow you to use the registered, external, temporary, or transferred domain, create the WordPress website with an EasyWP subscription, or claim 50% off their two-year shared hosting plans.

Once registered, the one-click WordPress installer will automatically run the process to get started. After installing WordPress, you can choose a preferred plan (or stick with a basic free plan initially) or register a domain name (or use a temporary name that can be changed after installation) to continue creating the website.

Setup Site

Before activating the website, fill in the details like website address, logo, and language to help users access the website easily. A unique title and related logo are essential to ensure your website appears on the top Google search pages.

Then, Head to the General Settings page to enter your WordPress site URL, time zone, and the additional user or admin information. You should also activate pre-installed plugins like Akismet (anti-spammer that displays comments on website pages and posts) and Jetpack (creates backups and focuses on the website security, performance, and marketing).

Visit the discussion settings tab to enable the comments and notifications, followed by setting default categories, writing formats, and the reading settings for all posts.

Choose a topic

Personalize your site with themes, icons, design details, color schemes, header images, typography, functional layout with columns, sidebar, featured images, a convenient menu, and displayed posts.

Import the design template to control the building blocks of your website, or select any of the themes chosen to change the visual appearance. Then, save $60 on WordPress hosting with DreamHost and take advantage of the customization tool that lets you change settings with a real-time website preview.

After making changes to the site identity, layout elements, background image or color, header/footer, content colors, font, and the typography, click Save and Publish.

Edit site

Plugins help you add specific features and customize your website efficiently. Some crucial plugins include:

  • The WPForms (WordPress contact form plugin) used to create contact forms
  • All in one SEO to get the more traffic from major search engines like Google
  • Google Analytics to track top blogging and content views and analyze user activity
  • WP Super Cache plugin to improve site speed and performance
  • Backup plugins to securely store data on remote storage facilities
  • Firewall plugin to block the suspicious traffic and anti-spam

To get site add-ons, head to the Plugins tab and install essential add-ons or remove previously installed unnecessary components.

Connect social media

Once you are done with the visual and functional part of the website, check out the tools in your personalization dashboard to add internal controls to your social networking pages like the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Plugins can also be used to add the social media sharing buttons, share bars, menus for quick access to options, and simple icon widgets available on Bluehost WordPress hosting at 60% off.

You can add clickable CTA (call to action) buttons like ‘Follow me,’ ‘Join now,’ or create custom links for social profiles like Pinterest and LinkedIn that generate consumer engagement and increase business opportunities.

Add content

After configuring the communication tools, start creating your page using the “Add a new option” option on the “Pages” tab of the dashboard. Enter the page’s title, start a new paragraph with the “+” symbol, or use the blocks to add tags, images, videos, lists, and the quotes, etc.

You can also choose the other default option of designing content as posts that appear in a specific chronological order and can be displayed in a separate section of your site.

Add a static front page that can be customized with different features to make the content more attractive. Get free WordPress design tools to create beautiful content with a 50% off HostGator discount code.

launch site

The website looks professional and is good to use with page builders and content pages or posts. Ensure that your navigation menus allow users to seamlessly access different pages and sections.

Also, complete a user profile to add a short bio that gives a quick introduction about you and other authors. Click Finish to finally check what the website will look like, or go back to Settings to tweak the look and more details.

Go to the browser and enter your website URL to find the activated career site. To get revenue from the site, you can add plugins and financial features by using potential customers who can view products and access services.


Create a simple blog or professional portfolio with quick and easy WordPress hosting. Use free hosting providers that help you create a website with understandable features and designs. Check app/website deals to take advantage of coupons, promotional codes, festive or seasonal discounts, and claim savings on hosting plans.