Namecheap vs. Google Domains: Which is better

Google Domains

Did you know that the Google Domains launched its services in 2015? This project is one of the latest projects that Google decided to explore. It is still in its beta phase. This fact would usually hurt their cause. However, you will notice that many Google services, even in the beta phase, are generally fully functional.

Google Domains only offers domain registration. They do not provide any other service than this one.


Namecheap has been around for a long time too. Richard Kirkendall founded Namecheap in the year 2000. Just as its name suggests, it is popular because it offers domains at very competitive prices. They also sell the domain hosting, private emails, and the website security.

Unlike the Google Domains, Namecheap can offer you a whole host of services that will make the task of creating your website more manageable. Namecheap has around 3 million users and over 7 million other domains.

Namecheap also has a marketplace for domains. So if you can come up with suitable domain names or love to make them, you can sell them on the Namecheap marketplace.


Price: Namecheap vs. Google Domains

When it comes to buying domains, price matters. The domain name will remain the same even if you buy it from your local store. So, in this case, cheaper is better. You’ll have to consider the trade-off when it comes to how Google sells its domains versus how Namecheap does it.

On the other hand, Google Domains sells its domain names at relatively high prices. Not that $12 a year is a lot, but it’s pretty high if you can get a better deal. You can, in fact, at Namecheap. If Namecheap hosts your website, you’ll get your new domain for free for the first year. Otherwise, you may pay up to $0.48 per year for your domain. So for a domain (.com), you’ll pay $10.98 annually. That price isn’t far from Google’s, but every dollar counts, right?

Then it becomes fun. As you can see, renewal fees may make you sleepy when maintaining your domains. You will also have to pay the renewal fee yearly if you host your domain from Namecheap. It might be a bit pricey. Google Domains does not offer to host the web services, And therefore, Do not pay more than the registration fee.

Hosting: Namecheap vs. Google Domains

Google does not host any websites. This fact may be OK with some of you and may drive some of you crazy.

In most cases, that doesn’t happen. Many hosting providers will provide you with excellent service. Namecheap is one of them. Namecheap will sell and register the domain name and provide hosting for your website. If you are looking for the full service, the way to go is Namecheap.

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Customer Support: Namecheap vs. Google Domains

How would you like the company to deal with you when you encounter problems, as you will eventually do? This is where customer service comes in the Customer support is so important to people that it can be why they stay with you in tough times or leave you even in the best of times.

Google Domains doesn’t give you the gold-standard customer support. They have done the lot to eliminate any need for such. Their interface is straightforward, so you may never need help. However, when you will do, you may only get to contact them during US business hours. It is not easy to find their contact forms. Although they offer chat and email outside of business hours, they are not always reliable.

Namecheap takes customer support very seriously. They offer live chat support that is incredibly responsive. In addition, they will provide urgent assistance if your site breaks down or you face any other challenge.

Country Support: Namecheap vs. Google Domains

This is the point where it becomes disappointing. Google Domains is only available in select countries. These countries are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and some South American countries. It is very tedious when you go to finish a purchase only to end up with a notification warning you that your country is not supported.

You don’t have to worry about this with the Namecheap. You can make domain purchases on Namecheap from any country. Namecheap will also host your website no matter where you are.

Security: Namecheap vs. Google Domains

Google does not provide any security services. You buy your domain, and that’s it. If you need additional security features like SSL certificates, you must get them from a third party. This factor is a big drawback for Google Domains because it makes building your site longer and more cumbersome.

Many people prefer to buy their domains and hosting as one package. Namecheap offers both. It also provides the security features for your website. They are earnest about it, too. They provide you with two-factor authentication and also have a mobile app. You can easily download their app on your Apple or Android device and manage your account.


We prefer Namecheap. Suppose you must purchase a domain from Google Domains, do so by any means. However, buying and registering a domain with Google will cost you more than using Namecheap. This is because Google Domains gives you the power to chew on, while Namecheap gives you a whole steak. What we mean by this is that Namecheap’s much easier to offer you the domain, hosting, and other attached services rather than just buying a part. But on the other hand, Google doesn’t give you any help other than registering your domain.