GoDaddy Domain

The GoDaddy is one of the best and most popular domain name registrars and hosts. Their performance is excellent. However, there is a shortage of backup. Its not the cheapest hosting, but it has the features that similar providers do not have.

The servers are located on all continents, and you can choose accordingly. So no matter where you and the customers are in the world, accessing the hosting will not be a problem.

Godaddy Pros and Cons

These high prices must be due to the extensive and unique functionality. However, is everything all right with this provider? We’ve rounded up the essential facts for those who don’t have time to read our entire Godaddy review.

Let’s quickly move on to the main pros and cons.


  • Easy to use control panel
  • 1-Click Domain Name Setup
  • free apps
  • On-demand resources
  • Let’s encrypt free SSL/TLS certificates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • cPanel
  • Domain Pricing
  • There is no particular system cache
  • I cannot access the full background
  • Navigation user interface

Godaddy Performance Facts

Godaddy is known for his high performance. So let’s look at that key facts that apply to almost all plans.

Unmetered bandwidth.
Storage without a counter.
MySQL and MS SQL databases.
No copying is hidden in the base tariff plans; However, you can get Website Backup for just $2.99 ​​per month.

Godaddy’s plans offers its users to take the advantage of the most popular types of hosting: web hosting, VPS, WordPress, Dedicated, and the Windows hosting.

Pricing starts at $5.99. For that price, you get the primary benefits of the other plans. It can be enough to run a small business.

Website Hosting

Web hosting is provided by the company that sells or rents the server space where you store your files. By purchasing such the plan, you provide storage of your site on the company’s servers with a unique DNS address that allows the users worldwide to access your site.

Thanks to DNS, users anywhere will be able to work with your platform. offers its customers four plans to choose from to make it easier to decide the ideal option for your business.

VPS Hosting

The most popular type of the hosting here has the four pricing plans to suit any requirement of your business. If you have any type of questions about the choice, you can always contact the support service; they will also help you make the right choice in the shortest possible time.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting provides users with optimum performance and sufficient resources for almost any small or medium-sized business task. You will have complete control and the ability to change settings. offers four pricing plans, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is explicitly designed to improve WordPress sites. High download speeds, excellent performance, and the security are considered here. In addition, the more expensive plans have automatic daily malware scans.

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is a hosting that uses hardware running Microsoft Windows Server. It is ideal for those who will prefer to run on Windows only.

Windows Server Hosting is the only machine capable of working with the Visual Basic or .NET programming languages ​​and with Active Server Pages (.ASP). offers you there three hosting plans depending on your business needs. Choose the appropriate option and enjoy the benefits of the hosting! When evaluating the ASP.NET hosting providers, consider the perks that offers to guarantee a 99.9% uptime: 24/7 monitoring, DDoS security, and one-click setup for registered domains.


Will I have to make additional purchases with low-cost plans?

Yes, if you need additional features. For example, automatic virus scanning does not come cheap, but you can buy it separately.

If I already have the website, can I transfer it to the

Transferring your website to GoDaddy is a simple process; Access and upload existing website files through the Hosting Control Center (or via an FTP client). If you cannot access your website files immediately, you should request the copy from your current website hosting provider.

Can I upgrade the Godaddy plan at any time?

Naturally! The company understands that users’ business is growing, which gives a slight chance to upgrade to a better tariff.


Godaddy is a premium hosting provider. 24/7 support, servers worldwide, and a broad educational base for clients and potential users. Its high performance makes it very excellent choice for large companies.